Content Management

All the tools you need to manage and maintain your online presence.

Manage your Message

We love talking to our customers, but you shouldn’t have to pay a web design company when your site needs an update. With a Content Management System, your organization has complete control over web content. Your users can securely add, edit, and delete content from your website anytime they want.

Tools for complete Control

From editing text, to adding images and embedding videos, a Content Management System provides many tools to control your message without the need for a web developer. Key features of a CMS include:

  • Rich text-editors with familiar features found in common word processing software; allowing you to quickly add headings, paragraphs and font styles.
  • A Media Library to manage images, videos and other file formats. Upload your photos and easily crop them to pre-defined sizes.
  • Content rollback, allowing changes to be saved and undone using version control.
  • Create publishing schedules that can automatically add content at scheduled times, including multiple versions.
  • Preview pages and edit content using mobile devices, tablet or desktops.

If your organization needs a website that can support multiple users making routine updates, then a Content Management System may be a great fit.

Maintenance and Security

We support web projects built with open-source Content Management Systems that are flexible to run anything from a small website to a complex web application; including websites that generate heavy user traffic. Open-source Content Systems are constantly being improved, and as new features and security updates are released, routine maintenance can be performed to update your website. 

Powerful yet simple to use, an open-source CMS can still provide many features available in an enterprise-level content system. Get up and running within days, not weeks.

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