Creative Design

Modern visual design, optimized for a modern web.

Creatively Designed Projects

Combining modern images, colours, and typography can provide the visual branding to both enhance usability, and improve the user experience for your visitors. Whether a new logo, fresh design, or complete overhaul to your existing online presence, we can provide a variety of creative design services to support your latest Web Project.

Our Development Process

Each project has different requirements, and we'll work with you to identify the correct solution for your needs. From the initial design until deployment, our development process is a collaboration between your organization and our team, to ensure your message is delivered correctly. Backed by our extensive quality testing and lightning fast deployment, we'll work together to design the correct solution for your needs today, and help you scale into the future.

Introduction and Discovery

The initial planning and discovery phase of any web project is a crucial step to start things off right. We’d first like to get to know your business, and meet members from your organization who will be involved in the project. In this step, we want to make sure that your business goals, overall message, and desired outcomes for the project are properly defined.

Once your business requirements are determined, we can start to define your design and technical requirements of the web project. If your organization has an established online presence, we may request to see design elements; including logos, brand colours, and web content if available. This can be used to evaluate what's lacking of your existing web presence, and to identify what areas need improvement.

Whether a completely new web project, or updates to your existing presence, the discovery process is important to clearly define outcomes and expectations of the web project, before moving into the development phase.

Development and User Acceptance

The development process begins with taking the information gathered, and building the initial design/wireframes to meet each requirement. Our Project Manager will be in constant contact with your organization during the initial design and building stages. This will allow for direct input and collaboration from your oganization every step of the way, ensuring that your message delivered the way you want it to be.

User Acceptance and testing will only begin after all parties have signed off on the design and build of each Web Project. During this stage, we will ensure that extensive testing and quality assurance is performed using the following methods:

  • Compatibility Testing to ensure that each Web Project will function correctly across all Major Browsers and Operating Systems.
  • Web Accessibility / W3C Compliancy Testing to ensure that each web component is fully optimized and meets common web standards.
  • Optimization of all files and images to ensure each page has minimal load time, while retaining the best quality images.
  • Iterative, User Acceptance testing with applicable scenarios. This important step before the deployment phase will ensure that all user requirements are met and that each User Interface component is functioning correctly.

Deployment and Maintenance

Our deployment process is lightning fast, and project deliverables are available as soon as development and testing is completed. We offer support for both on-premise hosting, and can also provide a fully-scalable Hosted Solution for your organization's needs.

  • Scalable, On-Demand Web Hosting: We offer a fully scalable, on-demand Hosting Solution that can support a variety of web projects. Let us handle the deployment and day-to-day operations of your Web Project, so that your organization does not have to dedicate valuable time and resources. Our Cloud-Hosted solution includes a blazing-fast Content-Delivery Network for hosting optimized files, and is backed by guaranteed uptime provided by Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • On Premise (Self-Hosted): We'll ensure that your organization is provided with all files and project deliverables in the appropriate optimized file formats, to be hosted on your own hardware and infrastructure. We can also provide the training required for your Staff to support and manage Web Projects using your own environment.

We'll help you choose the right options.

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