Our Crew

Fueled by knowledge, dungeons and dragons, and many cups of coffee.

Meet our Team

Lunar Compass is a small, agile, and committed team who loves to build websites and support others in building their businesses.

Drawing of Shane Smyck

Shane Smyck

Project Manager

Drawing of Ken Hendricks

Ken Hendricks

Web Developer

Drawing of Ryan Power

Ryan Power

Customer Specialist

Drawing of SecureBot 5000

Securebot 5000

Security Specialist

Get to know us!

It’s no secret that having a strong online presence is key to maintaining a successful business. Our focus is on small businesses because we believe they have been ignored and underserved. We'd like to change that.

However, we are committed to supporting all types of businesses of any size. Our passion is to create excellence in all of our projects for all of our clients; your needs drive and motivate us. We believe in delivering a secure and reliable website that gives your business a competitive edge: an online platform to engage with and satisfy your customers.

We are proud to help your organization build an online presence. Please contact us today!

Why Lunar Compass?

The short answer: because we care; your website is also our website.

The long answer: each of our team members are different people with different motivations. However, we all have the same goal: to build something great and enduring that will challenge us while we deliver a service to those who need it.