Secure Applications

Authenticate your users with highly scalable and globally available web apps.

Authorize your Users

Secure web applications can provide your users with access to authorized content, and may be an important requirement for your online presence. We can help your organization to offer protected content, backed by modern and open-source frameworks like ASP.NET.

More than just a website

Does your organization not only require a publicly available website to showcase your message, but also to allow authorized users access to protected content? A scalable, secure web application may provide the perfect solution, and can support many scenarios:

  • Allow users to create and manage their own accounts, providing access to secure web content
  • Enable users to login with credentials from social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other external authentication providers that support the open standard for authorization (OAuth).
  • Data-driven web applications that allow users to read and modify data from a cloud-hosted database.
Laptop and phone secure applications

The platform to scale

We develop web applications that are supported by a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, which provides cloud computer power that can be adapted to your organization’s requirements. The infrastructure supporting your website can be configured to automatically increase processing power if a large amount of users visit your site, and reduce power when not required for cost savings. Meet the demands of your customers with highly scalable and globally available web applications.

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