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Optimize your message by analyzing user traffic and behavior.

Measure your Success

Learn how to strengthen your customer engagement with website analytics. This useful feature can give you the data needed to understand consumer behavior, adapt to customer needs, and provides actionable insights to raise awareness for your brand.

Your Website needs Web Analytics

You put a lot of work into developing an online presence, so it’s important to know if your website is reaching the target audience for your business. By using Web Analytics, you're given a powerful set of tools to identify key performance indicators for your website. This enables your business to more accurately predict customer behavior, and can help to achieve maximum exposure of your message. Here are some examples of how the data produced by Web Analytics can be leveraged to your advantage:

Analytics displayed on a laptop
  • Identify which pages your customers are clicking the most, allowing you to see which areas or items on your site are generating the most interest.
  • Optimize your content placement by tracking landing and exit pages; see how visitors are reaching your site and what pages they are leaving from.
  • Be provided with statistics to show which location visitors are connecting from, and on what browser and operating system their device is configured with. This information can help to target visitors, improve testing and usability for mobile devices, and can provide other benefits which enable you to fine tune your website.

Understanding how visitors are using your website can provide a clear picture of where improvement to web content is needed. Web Analytics allow you to identify areas of web content that may not be performing effectively, enabling your business to adapt accordingly. This is backed by monthly reports that show important user information; where visitors are entering and leaving your site, and which pages have the highest bounce rate.

Improve Social Media Campaigns

Your business has an active Facebook page and regularly tweets, but without analytics how do you really know if your social media efforts are having an impact on getting your message delivered? While social media campaigns may be used to generate interest in your business and website, they can come with an increase in costs. Web Analytics allows your business to directly track successes and failures of marketing campaigns, which may help to save on important advertising dollars. 

If your business is investing time and resources in social media, you want to ensure a return on your investment. To get the best results from social media campaigns, Web Analytics allows you to analyze the traffic generated and use the insights gained to improve future campaigns. With the benefit to track important user statistics and improve social media campaigns, Web Analytics should be looked at as an important tool for any web project.

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