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Reach your customers worldwide with cloud-optimized, scalable web hosting.

Rock-solid Reliability and Performance

Reliability is an important part of your organization’s online presence. Our rock-solid web hosting plans are backed by scalable, cloud-optimized infrastructure which can significantly reduce the cost and time needed to get your organization online.

Guaranteed Uptime

The most frustrating part of any website is to have it go down and become unavailable for potential customers. Downtime can be caused by poorly configured servers, incorrect network architecture, and many other potential issues. Our cloud-hosted service provider offers 99.95% guaranteed uptime, backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Let us do the heavy-lifting to ensure that your website is setup fast, correctly and efficiently while enabling your organization to focus on more important things.

Infrastructure on Demand

With cloud-hosted infrastructure, the maintenance and upkeep of your website is maintained by professionals to ensure that traffic demands are met. On-demand scaling means that if your website sees an influx of visitors, it can be automatically configured to scale the following resources:

  • Add processing power (CPUs) and memory (RAM) as needed to ensure each web request is met with a fast response.
  • Provide additional database power for web applications to support more users if periods of heavy usage occur.
  • Increase storage space to support additional files such as large images, PDFs or word documents.

When resources are no longer needed, they can also be configured to automatically scale down for cost savings. Scalable, on-demand infrastructure gives your organization the flexibility to pay for only services you need, and to support future growth.

Flexible backup and support

We offer flexible support contracts which are included with every web-hosting plan. The following basic support options are available:

  • Email support (Guaranteed eight-hour response time, extended email-support is available).
  • Online customer ticketing system to ensure any issues are resolved efficiently.

Phone support is also available with extended plans. Additionally, to ensure that your website can be recovered in the event of failure each project is backed up weekly to both an off-site location, and cloud-hosted datacentres located in Canada. More frequent backups of your website are also available with extended support plans.

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